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cybiller is a consulting firm specializing in cybersecurity and cyber intelligence, providing services for large organizations (governmental as well as private initiative), focusing on Latin America.

The company was founded by Royi Biller after having accompanied and advised national security organizations, financial and retail firms, in the fields of intelligence and cybersecurity in Mexico and Latin America.

Our philosophy is focused on the assets and processes critical for the operation of the organization, and on the analysis of reference threats and adversaries.

The solutions and strategies we design always emphasize the simplicity and efficiency of the operation, concentrating on the core capabilities of our clients and complementing them with the appropriate mechanisms and tools, know how and accompanying.


Our Services


Cyber Intelligence

We believe that an integral part of security monitoring has to be done outside the perimeters of the organization, searching for indicators of adversary activities. This, in order to allow taking informed actions and prepare oneself properly.

We provide first of its kind enterprise threat intelligence and mitigation platform and on demand service built on Israeli technology that drives proactive defense by turning tailored threat intelligence into automated security action.

Please visit our website www.defendint.com for more information.


Cyber Security Strategy

In today's changing threat landscape, an organization cannot effectively protect itself from every threat and every actor.

A cyber strategy, in which the organization defines its threats reference and critical assets, serves as a guide for effectively securing the organization as well as evaluating and communicating risks to the business. 

Our strategic analysis process and methodology are based on years of experience analyzing complex environments in the HLS domain.

Through a structured process, our customers develop and maintain a clear strategy, guiding their defense efforts and activities.

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Awareness Campaigns

We believe good hackers hack computers, but great hackers hack people. Statistics indicate that we're not the only ones who believe so. Over the past years there is a notable rise in the use of the attack methods aimed at the human factor (Phishing, Spear Phishing, BEC, SMShing and more). 

Unfortunately, current technologies provide a very limited capability of detecting these attacks and mitigating them; this means our users are either our weakest links, or our human firewall. 

Through the introduction of challenges and simulations accompanied by "short and to the point" interactive e-learning sessions, we help lowering the risk associated with the human factor, while at the same time constantly evaluating it.


Consultancy and Design

We offer tailor-made consultancy services and solution/process design in the following fields:

  • Cyber security strategy

  • Monitoring and Security Operation Centers / Fusion Centers

  • Cyber Intelligence

  • Development of a security team and program

  • CISO mentoring

All of the above mentioned are based on proper operational experience and expertise.

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